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Hats up and whips out; the jungle's mysteries await! Explore lush biomes, use your trusty whip to extract wild flowers' mystic powers, and collect rare gems in this dynamic precision-platformer. Unearth archaeological marvels and become a legend - if you make it out alive!


This is an article posted by YoYo about my released game, Doomed to Hell.


This is an article posted by YoYo about my career as a game developer and my most recent games.

Colorful Recolor

Colorful Recolor is a fast-paced puzzle game with a kaleidoscopic collection of brain teasers. Play through 100 levels with engaging mechanics, striking biomes, 10+ distinct elements, and an abundance of colors. Paint your way through this colorful world!

Doomed to Hell

Doomed to Hell is a roguelike-like top-down shooter, where you control Rose, a human in hell that will need to fight all of its monsters in waves of enemies, go through bosses and get new weapons to come back to his life on earth.


Toroom is a dungeon crawler roguelike-like top-down shooter, where the protagonist just wants to come back to his bedroom after waking up in a world of fantasy. Fight your way through multiple biomes, clear rooms full of enemies, get as much loot as possible and defeat the bosses in your way.


Gemini is an action rogue-lite game, where you fight multiple waves of enemies, get new items and upgrades, and defeat bosses to save the crystal that maintains life in this world.

Dungeon Color

Dungeon Color is a top-down puzzle game, where you switch between flames in order to achieve the rainbow flame in each room. Interact with special obstacles and melt your brain to find the exit. Cute, colorful, hard, fun.

Colorful Colore

Colorful Colore is a Puzzle Labyrinth game, where your objective is to get in the exit matching the correct colors in the way.

Bob Help Them

Bob Help Them is a timer-based game, where your goal is to help all NPC's before the timer ends.

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